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Legal services

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Our customers may count on highly professional legal support including the following services:

· Company registration  in  the Smolensk Region

Under the umbrella of this service we provide detailed advice on the necessary formalities, inform you of the amount of costs, answer the questions related to company management and discuss the content of the charter where it is necessary to depart from the standard management scheme. 

· Advice as to choosing an optimal taxation regime

Tax advice may significantly improve company’s financial performance. The Tax Code of the Russian Federation provides for several options. The choice of the optimal taxation regime depends on the scale and nature of your business and need for VAT deductions. We help to understand the taxation system to take the most profitable strategic decisions while adopting the company’s financial policy.

· Completion of formalities to start business operations

Once the company is incorporated you will probably want to hire employees. This stage of business development is connected with the need to complete formalities in the Pension Fund and the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation. When you start a business subject to the single tax you also need to inform the relevant tax authority. Another task at this stage may be to obtain a licence, if it is required for the chosen type of activity. The time and costs (fulfilment of licence terms, state duty, overheads and etc.) vary depending on the type of licence.

· Regional representation

Such services are in demand mainly from customers from other regions. The regional manager takes care of the marketing of your business, better positioning of the company, establishment and maintenance of business relations. The regional representative also helps to find more orders, including through requests for quotations or tenders for goods, services or works.

· Legal representation throughout the country

In the event of disputes, which are inevitable in the long run, we offer a wide range of services covering all the diverse needs of our customers. We have already accumulated an impressive experience of representation of the interests of our clients in the Russian courts.

         Contact us, if you need help with registration, legal support and development of your business or expanding the list of business contacts in the Smolensk Region.